My trip to the museum


The sheer size of this painting is breathtaking

“The universe is a stroke of a paintbrush” whispered the voice in my ear.   The art gallery gave me a phone so the artist could talk to me.  I came across the work of this Indian artist after going to a comic ex con in Tokyo. The marvelous work by this artist made me overthink about the nature of reality. Going to the comic con, I was full of childlike imagination, thinking about superheroes, their awesome back stories and how many lives they have saved up to now. Which is, by the way in real life, none. That being said; who doesn’t want to be a superhero? I know I do. I bought a Groot stuffed toy because of my love of his suicidal act- no, great sacrifice for his friends.

Share-icidal Groot with friends

After that I went to a fancy restaurant with a great view somewhere around the 53rd floor. All of the staff greeted me “IRASHAIMASEEEEE!! at the same time, in sync, in tune and with great enthusiasm only to make me feel out of place. I honestly don’t know why I feel like I am intruding when I go to fancy places. I didn’t  know how to react.  Still, I had fun.

Fancy human food, apparently

Then, I continued my adventure in the museum. I headed to the observatory deck which is on the 54th floor. Once I got out of that elevator my jaw dropped: the city of Tokyo unfurled right before my eyes. Amazing! Sugoi! Grabe! Choonchanchoo! In my mind, I thought maybe I should try jumping and I’ll probably end up learning how to fly, continue my superhero dream, meet Thor and have nice little demigod kids. Ridiculous! I wish it was that easy.  I still have to work tomorrow.

View from the observatory deck at the Mori art museum.

Being in high places brings me to a state of equanimity. It devours my being to realize how I am just the tiniest part of the Universe. I was suicidal when I was younger. I think being suicidal is also being an attention seeker. In some part of our suicidal thoughts, we wanted someone to take notice that we are hurting and we need help.  But I realized suicide is a lose-lose situation. You are just a tiny part of the Universe, you are just a reproductive cell amidst millions of others. A lot of them die, killed by a sheet of tissue paper and thrown into the trash bin and it doesn’t matter. Therefore, if you are suicidal, please calm down. Let’s talk later.

After being warned by a staff not to use my earphones on the observatory deck, since it’s “dangerous”, as I am sure has somehow been proven, I continued my great day heading to the N. S. Harsha exhibit.

Protect the bread brain!

Once I got there, they gave me a phone to contact N.S. Harsha and call him “Big Brother”.  Anyway, as I entered this illusory realm, I was overcome with ennui. I had never been in an art gallery before, never gasped, or was amazed and overwhelmed by the “ceramic coin” (which for some reason is what comes to mind when I think of museums). I hadn’t successfully analyze the meaning behind a painting with a million colors. All I know is, I can appreciate skill, perseverance and beauty.

Listening to Big brother’s voice while going through some of his work, I got to thinking of what I want to do. A lot of his pieces took a long time to finish and that thought transformed them from meaningless paintings to overpowering expressions that can make someone like me change their way of thinking. Then it hit me, on the forehead a little bit closer to my left eye: I want to do this too. I want to express my thoughts about life. I want to share experiences with the Universe and share the shared experiences to another possible sharer. I want to help people to be the better version of themselves by learning from hard-learned lessons. I want to allow people to tell their stories. I want them to not feel alone. I want to let people know that they have someone to talk to that will listen and would tell them what they need to hear. Basically, I want everyone to be in a single stroke of a paintbrush and like the Universe, shine beautifully. and with one huge painting, just like that, I might be able to be a superhero

“Good job at adulting” Ant Man cooed approvingly

Join my cause! Feeling alone? Tell me your story. Let’s chat maybe over drinks, tea and coffee. Send me an email.

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